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Dimmer Switch Installation, Cheyenne

Dimmer lights are wonderful for creating ambience!

There are a few common reasons people often request dimmer switches. Some of the top reasons include creating low lighting for a childs room who might be frightened by complete darkness at bed time, to achieve good lighting in your home theater and for softer lighting for reading or work. In commercial settings dimmers are great for creating a better atmosphere for customers and employees.

Dimmer lights are better for the environment and your budget.

Did you know that dimmers also help reduce energy consumption and extend bulb life? The additional costs of dimmers pay for themselves over the long run. Set your dimmer to 90% and save 10%%% in electricity costs and extend your bulb life by 2X. Set your lighting level at 25% and you can save up to 60% in energy costs and extend the life of your bulb more than 20 times!