Whether you’re a business owner in need of an electric installation or a homeowner in need of emergency wiring repair; we can help you learn your electrical options and advise you how to proceed.
Dimmer Switch Installation, Cheyenne

Dimmer lights are wonderful for creating ambience!

There are a few common reasons people often request dimmer switches. Some of the top reasons include creating low lighting for a childs room who might be frightened by complete darkness at bed time, to achieve good lighting in your home theater and for softer lighting for reading or work. In commercial settings dimmers are great for creating a better atmosphere for customers and employees.

Home or Business Surge Protector Installation, Cheyenne

The short answer is YES!

First let's talk a bit about what surge protectors are and what purpose they serve? Any electronic device plugged into an electrical outlet can be damaged or destroyed by lightening strikes, electrical surges, power outages and spikes in power. These surges are often out of your control! They can be due to weather but more often they occur due to problems in your local power grid.

Ceiling fan installation in Cheyenne & Laramie

Ceiling fans are one of the easiest ways to conserve energy.

You may think of ceiling fans as primarily a way to keep your home cool in the hot summertime months. While it's true that ceiling fans can help keep your home cool they also save energy. In fact, they can save you to 40% in your summer energy costs and usage. Did you know that for every 1 degree of cooling under 75 degrees Fahrenheit you increased your cooling cost around 9%? That adds up quick! Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect that makes your room feel cooler without cranking your air conditioning up so high!

On-Demand / Tankless Water Heaters

As electricians we are often asked about replacing traditional tank hot water heaters with tankless or on-demand water heaters.

Here are some the obvious pros and cons! Tankless water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed. This means that they are energy efficient and will save you money in hot water heating costs but the initial expense of the unit is higher. If leaving a smaller environmental footpring is important to you then you should definitely consider one.

How to Put Out an Electrical Fire

Electricity has proved to be a vital part of our daily lives. During the winter, you can use appliances powered by electricity to heat up the house as well as to cool it during summer. Electricity also ensures that our homes are well lit. However, with its frequent usage, myriads of people underestimate the hazards it can cause, for instance, fire. If you are ever faced with an electrical fire problem, it's crucial to know the proper way to extinguish it. Electrical fire is not just any ordinary fire. You must take cautionary measures when extinguishing it to make sure you are safe. Here's what you need to do to put out a fire caused by electricity:

It's a tough job market for most people, but not for electricians, because there is an extreme shortage in the profession. So if you are qualified and skilled, you can enjoy higher wages and many opportunities. In addition to traditional homes and buildings, you may find work in energy-saving technologies such as solar power or wind turbines. They might also need you to install or maintain equipment that controls how electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed and consumed.