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Home or Business Surge Protector Installation, Cheyenne

The short answer is YES!

First let's talk a bit about what surge protectors are and what purpose they serve? Any electronic device plugged into an electrical outlet can be damaged or destroyed by lightening strikes, electrical surges, power outages and spikes in power. These surges are often out of your control! They can be due to weather but more often they occur due to problems in your local power grid.

Surge protectors keep your devices safe!

A surge protector keeps your devices safe by defending them against power surges and voltage changes. Many surge protectors guarantee their effectiveness. If you want to get more technical you can actually look for the joules rating. It is especially important to have a surge protector in place for items like computers, tablets, tvs, sound bars and gaming consoles.

Your devices can be damaged by surges without your knowledge.

Power surges can be damaging your devices and you may not even be aware of it! Power surges may not always be catastrophic (although the can be) sometimes they may just shorten the lifespan of your electronics. Electric spikes create added wear and tear on your electric belongings.

Surge Protector Options

Since our modern lives are so interconnected to electricity and technology it might be worth it to consider investing in a whole home or business surge protector. This type of surge protector connects directly to the circuit breaker box and will protect all the connected devices in your home or business. You can also install surge protective receptables on specific power outlets that you know will be used for your most expensive or important electric devices. Another option is to buy a surge protector power strip and plug your devices into that rather than directly into the wall.